Navy Talent Acquisition Group Minneapolis NSW/NSO/AIRR Mentor / Coordinator / Scout       
BMCS Dan Ploussard, SEAL (Ret)

                              HT1 Chris Wilson
                             AWSCS Richard Andraschko
Navy Diver
Job Description
As a Navy Diver, you will be part of an extraordinary brotherhood. You will journey anywhere from the darkest depths of the world’s oceans to freezing arctic-like conditions underneath icebergs. Accomplishing a number of tasks only few can perform. All with the focus to achieve.

In this role you can expect to:
Perform a variety of diving salvage operations and special diving duties worldwide
Take part in construction and demolition projects
Execute search and rescue missions
Support military and civilian law enforcement agencies
Serve as the technical experts for diving evolutions for numerous military Special Operations units
Provide security, communications and other logistics during Expeditionary Warfare missions
Carry out routine ship maintenance, including restoration and repair

Your strength and determination will prove you are anything but a typical diver.

Specific Responsibilities
Your job as a Navy Diver could encompass many dive specialties, including:
Salvage and recovery – Locating and retrieving wreckage; conducting harbor and waterway clearance, underwater repairs and salvage operations in all environments
Deep submergence – Probing the greatest depths in the name of research and other classified missions
Ship husbandry – Inspecting and repairing ships and submarines
Saturation diving – Working and living at extreme depths for days or weeks at a time
No college degree is required to become a Navy Diver, but a high degree of difficulty and satisfaction come standard with nearly everything you’ll do. Training is tough and ongoing. And for those with further leadership aspirations and a college degree, Officer roles are available – providing opportunities to lead and train others.

Training and Responsibilities
Training to become a Navy Diver is more than just routine; it also tests your will power, physical and mental strength, as well as your desire and intelligence. Complete the training, and you’ll rank among the world’s elite underwater adventurers, forging a reputation that builds on a legacy of achievement and honor. Do exceptional work and expect to receive exceptional rewards in return.


After completion of Recruit Training or acceptance in the Navy Diver program from the Fleet, you will go to Naval Training Command, Great Lakes, for the Diver Preparation Course (32 training days, including 20 days of Basic Electrical and Engineering courses). Upon completion of the training, you will go to NDSTC, Panama City, Fla., for Second Class Dive School, which is 70 training days long. The NDSTC is divided into Fleet and specialized sections. Regardless of your section, you could be taught anything from underwater mechanics, to dive medicine, physics and planning, to salvage operations, and more.


After completing Second Class Dive School, you will be assigned to one of the Navy Diving Units to hone the undersea diving and salvage skills required by the United States Navy. You will be trained to perform underwater ship repair, salvage and construction, using either SCUBA equipment or a surface-supplied-air diving system. Training for Diving Medical Officers and Diving Medical Technicians is also part of Fleet training.


Many experienced divers return to NDSTC for further course work so they can qualify as First Class Divers and Master Divers.


A Navy Diver gets specialized training in demolition and mixed-gas diving.

To be accepted by the Navy Dive and Salvage Training Command (NDSTC), located in Panama City, Fla., you can enlist no later than your 30th birthday. You can apply for the Navy Challenge contract for Divers in the Delayed Entry Program at any time during your first enlistment.

Males and females are eligible
Eyesight 20/200 bilateral correctable to 20/25 with no color blindness
Minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score: AR+VE=103, MC=51 or GS+MC+EI=165
Must be a U.S. citizen and eligible for security clearance

You must also complete the Physical Screening Test Requirements:
Perform a 500-yard swim using side- or breaststroke in 12 min 30 sec or faster (10-minute rest)
Perform a minimum of 50 push-ups in 2 minutes (2-minute rest)
Perform a minimum of 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes (2-minute rest)
Perform a minimum of 6 dead-hang pull-ups: no time limit (10-minute rest)
Run 1.5 miles in 12 min 30 sec or faster
Pass a Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL BUD/S physical fitness screening test in Boot Camp and in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) in order to qualify