NSW/NSO/AIRR Mentor / Coordinator / Scout       Naval Recruiting District-Minneapolis
BMCS Dan Ploussard, SEAL (Ret)

             SOCS Eric Lundquist, SEAL
AWSC Aaron Albright, AIRR
Calendar/Schedule 2018
Items to bring for PST/PT
- All new candidates will bring their NSW/NSO/AIRR Qualification Sheet. All candidates will have a binder with page protectors     provided to them by their recruiters with a copy of your Hold Harmless.
- ID
- Running Shoes
- Physical Training Shorts (Black or Blue)
- Blue Navy T-Shirt or Warrior Challenage T-Shirt (provided by the Mentor/Coordinator/Scout) for Future Sailors under contract,     white T-Shirt for Future Sailors not under contract, stenciled with your last name on the front and back.
- Water or Sports Drink, cut half and half with water- Remember hydration is VERY important
- Swim trunks no pockets, running shorts or gammers - stay away from board shorts 
- Towel
- Lock for locker
- Mask/Snorkel and Fins if you have them.
Note: If you forget one of these items, you will not be taking the PST- RESPONSIBILITY starts NOW!!

To all DLCPOs, LPOs,  & Recruiters, this schedule is very flexible .  Please call me with any conflicts, or PST times that need to be changed.

March 2018
April 2018
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December 2018
**E-mail or text me 24 hours before a PST or PT session if you plan to attend.**
February 2018
All Future Sailors in the local Minneapolis/St Paul area, who are NOT under an NSW/NSO/AIRR contract, will call me to schedule their qualifying or monthly PST. All candidates are encouraged to attend the weekly swim and strength PT's.