Navy Talent Acquisition Group Minneapolis NSW/NSO/AIRR Mentor / Coordinator / Scout       

                              HT1 Chris Wilson

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The purpose of Mentoring is to prepare you early from both the physical and informational perspective, so you understand the rigors and realities of the program you are pursuing
The calendar page is very important for you read, this page will tell you where and when the NSW/NSO/AIRR Team will be conducting your monthly PST and weekly PT's. It will also tell what items to bring to the PST/PT.

For now, know that it is important that you are running no less than 45 minutes on your LSD runs, and no less than 20 miles per week, with sprint training also, and swimming no less than 6,000 yds or meters per week. If you are not at this level, it will be very difficult for you to achieve the scores you need to be contracted and if you are under contract this should be the least you are doing. We will help you develop a safe and progressive program to get you where you want to be, given your motivation, heart and passion for your chosen program.

Good luck to you all..................................

Quick Information
All Future Sailors who are interested in the Navy Diver (ND) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Programs will watch these videos on prior to their first meeting with the Mentor, Coordinator or Scout.
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